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Palette Hope PR Video

Palette Hope PR Video

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Founded by our Executive Director, Elvina Almeida, and Operations Director, Stephanie Cao, Palette Hope serves to enrich the lives of students. Mental health issues are prominent among college students. Nearly 34.5% of students suffer from depression and a staggering 25.2% struggle with having suicidal ideations. UTD's campus has done a great job highlighting the importance of maintaining good mental health. We, as Palette Hope, are determined to broaden the platform through our organization. Although art is not the permanent solution for mental health challenges, it is a positive outreach tool that brings levity to the issues among our generation. As of the last quarter of 2020, Palette Hope has become an official 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. This organization and its purpose is extremely important to us and with your help we can share our vision with the rest of the community. 

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