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Interns will learn the position during the Spring 2024 semester and are expected to take on the full time role for the following school year (Fall 2024- Spring 2025). Please keep this in mind when applying! 


Open Positions:

  • Public Relations Intern

  • Art Therapist Liaison Intern

**Deadline March 11th**

We are looking for highly motivated and hard-working officers. You will be working with a former board member in learning and adapting to the role you are selected for. The following school year you will be required to take over the position. Therefore we are looking for second semester freshman, sophomores, and juniors. During the school year your duties will include learning about the position and its requirements as well as attending bi-weekly meetings. 

We would like to stress that we are looking for committed individuals with a passion for what our organization stands for -- healing others and advocation for mental health awareness through the means of art and creative expression. If you think this speaks to you and would like to become more involved in helping us enact our mission, apply for the position of your choice through the form below and send a resume to

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